With Glenn Constructors as your construction partner, the sequence of events that transform your idea into a finished project will flow in a logical order. As the client, you will be fully informed and consulted every step of the way. Here’s a quick look at how we work:


Your idea for a construction project starts with an architect, who develops a detailed schematic plan for the finished product based on your description.


A variety of contractors may bid on your project, each presenting an offer on quality and cost. When Glenn Constructor’s bid is accepted, our team works closely with you and the architect to fine-tune plans.


A safe work environment is fundamental to any Glenn Construction project we undertake. Our management team continually trains on all OSHA standards and regulations, and we maintain high safety standards on every site.


Once building begins, Glenn Constructors can utilize its’ sister company Glenn Mechanical to perform any Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing work. Self-performing this work not only saves time through the building process but also saves the customer financially.


As each subcontractor completes a construction step, you’ll see your project grow toward completion. Our team reviews every detail, to ensure everything is in place—and that you’re satisfied—as your concept becomes a reality.