Glenn Constructors provides intelligent options for a wide variety of construction challenges from construction management to general contracting. Our major categories of building expertise include:


Glenn Constructors builds restaurants, office buildings, conference areas and multi-use spaces for any retail purpose. We can accommodate any style, motif or specialized built-in features your project requires.


The days of one-room schoolhouses are long gone. We can design and build any type of learning space environment, from kindergarten playrooms to college classrooms. Beyond the desks, we also construct gymnasiums, dining areas, dorms and auditoriums.


Glenn Constructors can build any size industrial structure, with custom designs for specific manufacturing processes and equipment. We pay special attention to safety, structural integrity and flexibility, to make sure your building is adaptive for future upgrades.


Today’s healthcare is an ever-changing industry, and the facilities that house it have to meet the needs of medical professionals and patients. Extensive consultation with those who will use the facility is a vital step in creating buildings that must meet rigorous safety and environmental standards.


Houses of worship are as varied as the congregations they serve, and Glenn Constructors can custom-build a structure for any denomination. Whether your church desires a conventional or contemporary look, we can build a sanctuary, recreation facility or auxiliary building to serve your purpose.


Renovating old or historic buildings into new-use spaces helps preserve the past, while creating new work or living spaces. Think of it as large-scale recycling that restores anchor structures in cities or neighborhoods.


Constructing effective and aesthetically pleasing buildings for nonprofit organizations is vital to any community. We are sensitive to limited budgets, and will research the most effective financing plans for those who serve the public good.


Public use buildings for city, county or state government require durable, yet pleasing construction. We know how to maneuver the complexities of the government bidding process, and we have the skill to manage budget and materials to government specifications.