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so we can start building the next generation today.

A Foundation for Solid Business Relationships

Successful construction projects all begin with the foundation of solid business relationships. Before a shovel hits the dirt or the first brick is placed, Glenn Constructors develops a genuine relationship with each client. Beyond the plans on paper, it is vital to understand the goals and concerns of the client, no matter what is being built. It all starts with trust, which leads to confidence throughout the entire process.

Glenn Constructors brings decades of experience to every project, with a respected family name known for delivering superior quality in the Carolinas and Georgia.  From top management to the last worker doing site cleanup, integrity matters in every task. Whether we are involved in the building process from start to finish or being your construction management partner, we are committed to the highest quality work in a timely fashion. Each building challenge is unique, but the principles of Glenn’s staff and contractors remain constant: honest labor, fair competition and a solid work ethic.

A Diversified Portfolio of Construction Projects

Glenn Constructors is equipped to build a broad variety of projectsa retail storefront, restaurant, or an array of government offices. Our expertise extends to education facilities, from small classrooms to vast lecture halls. We can handle any size industrial structure, including large-capacity manufacturing halls.  Health facilities ranging from private practices to clinics, with their rigorous safety and environmental standards, are in our portfolio of expertise. We can frame and finish religious houses of worship, along with accompanying outbuildings.

In addition to building from the ground up, Glenn Constructors can repurpose all or part of existing structures. Consider all the old mill buildings and aged stores that are finding new life through restoration and enhancement. Whether part of a building needs refurbishing due to fire, neglect or age, we will carefully consult to ensure complete quality, current codes and accurate historical detail. Similarly, we can upfit an existing business to include new office workspace, retail square footage or a large-scale addition.

A Partner You Can Trust in the Construction Industry

Any construction is a complex and demanding undertaking. Throughout any project, large or small, Glenn Constructors insists on quality at every step in the building process. We communicate clearly to address changes, challenges or concerns that naturally arise in the course of completing a structure – And we keep a constant watch on safety standards at every step to make sure the property and our workers are always secure. Maintaining a culture of safety on the worksite is a top priority.